Troop Meeting Idea: Removing a fish hook

Boy Scout books have described ways to remove fish hooks from fingers since the early days of scouting.  But there is no better way to learn how than to actually do it.

First, ask for volunteers.  That won’t go well.

Then break out the hot dogs.  They make excellent stand-ins for fingers.

There are several ways to remove a hook and all claim to be the best.  But I think that depends on how the hook is lodged.  If all the way thru, the barb-clip and back-out method works best.  If just the barb is lodged just the barb, the string and jerk method is best.  You can explore them all with a couple of hot dogs per patrol.

BTW, hot dogs make excellent cat-fish bait, too.  Or you can cut the tip off of your finger….



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